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Spanish Word: portador

English Translation: bearer, carrier, conveyor, payee

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  odioso - hated, hateful, odious
  banqueta - sidewalk
  acetona - acetone
  cuentista - narrators
  único - alone, one, solitary, sole
  desenfrenado - unchecked
  botiquín - medicine cabinet
  fácilmente - easily (adv), effortlessly, smoothly
  adolescente - adolescent, teenager, teen, teenage
  tendencia - trend
  homógrafo - homograph
  potencialización - potentialization
  expresión coloquial - colloquialism
  socorro - help (n), help!, assistance, support
  banquete - banquet
  pedagogo - pedagogue
  focal - focal
  parisino - parisian
  peca - speckle
  hasta luego - see you later

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