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Spanish Word: por tanto

English Translation: hence

Translated sentences containing 'por tanto'
Buenos días, quisiera hacer una reserva: la entrada sería el día 6 de marzo y la salida el día 9, por tanto serían 3 noches
Hello, I would like to make a reservation: the first day would be March, 6th and the last one the 9th, so it would be three nights.
Unas dos horas, ya que el camino es bastante llano y por tanto permite caminar a buen ritmo.
About two hours, since the path is rather flat and, therefore, it allows walking at a good pace.
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  subir al - get in (vehicle)
  por ciento - percent
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  destructivo - wrecking
  allende - across, beyond, on the other side
  itinerario - itinerary
  de vacaciones - vacation (in ~)
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  ternura - tenderness
  ameba - ameba, amoeba

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