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Spanish Word: pimpollo

English Translation: sprig

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  podredumbre - rottenness
  subjetividad - subjectivity
  incuestionable - unquestionable
  olvidado - oblivious
  hostilidad - hostility
  aparecimiento - emergence, occurance
  gante - ghent
  loza - china
  clarín - bugle, bugler
  pira - pyre
  senectud - senility
  comensal - commensal, diner
  contraído - contracted
  desenfado - dispersal, distractibility
  bebedor - drinker, soaker, sot, tippler
  mucoso - slimily, slimy
  eso - that, that over there
  córnea - cornea
  dormitivo - asleep, roosting
  extinción - extinction

Popular Phrase: learning spanish | Learn Spanish for Free | Conjugated Verb: picar - to prick, puncture, perforate; to sting, bite [said of an insect or snake]; to peck (at); to itch, sting [ click for full conjugation ]