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Spanish Word: extinción

English Translation: extinction

Translated sentences containing 'extinción'
Dos personas han fallecido este sábado mientras trabajaban en la extinción de incendios.
Two people have died this Saturday while working in the extintion of the fire.
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  abarcado - brogue
  ignominioso - ignominious
  suavidad - mildness, suavity
  bienhechora - benefactress
  desempleado - unemployed, jobless
  satírico - satirical
  pella - chunkily, clot, clots, lump
  voto - vote, vow
  limón - lemon, lime
  experto - expert
  trabajo mental - headwork
  monopolista - monopolist
  crucigrama - crossword
  huesudo - scrawny
  rectal - rectal
  neutrón - neutron
  sumision - obsequiousness
  plebeyo - commoner, plebeian
  acompañamiento - accompaniment
  plañidera - pallbearer

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