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Spanish Word: personas

English Translation: people

Translated sentences containing 'personas'
Conozco a pocas personas aquí.
I only know a few people here.
Los sacerdotes son quienes ayudan a las personas.
The priests are the ones who help the people.
En mi familia hay seis personas.
In my family there are six people.
Por lo menos había 120 personas en la calle.
There were at least 120 people in the street.
¿Cuántas personas son?
How many are you?
Son las "personas transparentes" .
They have become the first "transparent people" .
Unimos personas y no Estados.
We unite people, not states.
¡Estamos actuando con personas!
These are people we are dealing with!
Escuché a las personas.
I listened to the people.
Pero, amigos, nacieron personas.
They were born people, however, my friends.
Son demasiadas personas.
That is simply too many people.
Personas desaparecidas en Chipre (
Missing persons in Cyprus - Follow-up (
Somos personas formadas.
We are all educated people.
¿Consideramos inferiores a otras personas?
Do we consider others inferior?
Eran personas muy humildes.
They were very humble people.
¡Cientos de personas diariamente!
It is a matter of hundreds of people a day!
No son personas mejores.
They are not better people, after all.
Desprecia a las personas.
He has no respect for mankind!
Han muerto decenas de personas; muchas personas han resultado heridas.
Tens of people have been murdered; scores of people have been injured.
¿Cómo se seleccionarán estas personas?
How will these people be selected?
Once personas murieron en una avalancha.
Eleven people were killed in an avalanche and that is not the final death toll.
Esas personas pueden ser ajusticiadas.
These individuals' lives are now at risk.
Tampoco debemos olvidar a estas personas.
Let us not forget those people either.
Los chinos son personas pacientes.
The Chinese are a patient people.
¿Acaso no nos importan esas personas?
Do these people not matter to us?
Muchas personas no pueden aportar esto.
A great many people find it very hard to provide such proof.
Muchas personas siguen todavía desaparecidas.
Many people are still missing.
Miles de personas murieron asesinadas.
Thousands of its people have been killed.
Me refiero, concretamente, a las personas discapacitadas.
I am thinking specifically of disabled people here.
información adecuada a las personas afectadas;
adequate information to the people in question;
... y no se aplica a las personas.
... is not applied to people.
Por tanto, beneficiará a algunas personas.
Therefore, it will provide benefits for some people.
No quiero hablar de personas individuales.
I do not want to discuss individual persons.
Felicito a todas las personas implicadas.
My compliments to all those involved.
Son muchas las personas detenidas.
Many people have been arrested.
Varias personas han sido asesinadas.
Several people have been killed.
Sin personas no tenemos mucho más.
Without people, we have very little else.
¿Qué hacer con estas personas?
What should happen to those people?
Además resultaron heridas varias personas.
In addition, several people were injured.
Estas personas enriquecen nuestras comunidades.
These are people who enrich our communities.
Personas desaparecidas en Chipre (debate)
Missing persons in Cyprus (debate)
Personas desaparecidas en Chipre (votación)
Missing persons in Cyprus (vote)
Esas personas oyen, pero no escuchan.
They listen, but they do not hear.
¡Y son 11 000 personas!
That is 11 000 people!
El mundo y las personas ...
The world and the people who are looked after ...
Debemos empezar a escuchar a las personas.
The listening to the people should begin.
Algunas personas han mencionado Cuba.
Some people have mentioned Cuba.
¿Aplican esta doctrina a las personas?
Do they apply it to all people?
El tráfico de personas continúa.
The trafficking of human beings continues.
Se les llama personas no ciudadanas.
These people are called non-citizens.
¿Adónde van a ir estas personas?
Where are these people going to go?
Hay once personas en la lista.
There are 11 people on the list.
Este acuerdo no protege a estas personas.
They are not covered by this agreement.
Hoy, estas personas están felices.
Today, these people are happy.
Muchas personas se sienten vigiladas.
Many people even feel that they are being watched.
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