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Spanish Word: partisano

English Translation: partisan

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  apilamiento - stacking
  costurera - female tailor, tailor
  tulipán - tulip
  lavandero - laundryman
  académico - academic, academician
  cuerda - cord, rope, string
  colegio - high school
  acupuntura - acupuncture
  cuartel - barracks
  insultante - insulting
  remesa - remittance
  firmeza - firmness, steadiness, sturdiness
  avispón - hornet
  castidad - chastity
  escarchado - frosted
  erisipela - erysipelas
  canapé - settee
  cucharón grande - scoop
  disciplinado - disciplined
  producente - producer

Popular Phrase: preterite of caer | Conversational Spanish | Conjugated Verb: tapar - to cover; to put the lid on, put the cap on, put the stopper in [a container]; to cover up, hide, conceal [ click for full conjugation ]