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Spanish Word: molinero

English Translation: miller

Translated sentences containing 'molinero'
El oficio de molinero se está perdiendo.
The milling trade is smaller and smaller.
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  molino - mill
  momento - moment
  monarquía - monarchy
  moneda - coin, money
  montaña - mountain
  monte - mountain
  Montesa - a village in the province of...
  monumental - monumental
  monumento - monument
  moreno,morena - brown
  moribundo,moribunda - dying
  moro,mora - Moorish
  mortaja - shroud
  mosca - fly
  moza - girl, young woman
  mozo - young man; waiter; fellow
  muchacha - girl
  muchacho - boy
  muchísimo,muchísima - very much, very many
  mucho,mucha - much, great; many

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