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Spanish Word: menos

English Translation: less; least; =(a) lo ----=, at least

Translated sentences containing 'menos'
No bebió menos de tres copas.
He didn't drink less than three drinks.
Nadamos menos que Uds.
We swam less than you all.
Te voy a echar de menos.
I'm going to miss you.
Nadamos como ninguno.
We swam like no one.
Cuanto más ganas, menos gastas.
The more you earn, the less you spend.
¡Menos mal!
And just as well, in my view.
Habría menos niños huérfanos, menos viudas, menos sufrimiento, menos miedo.
We would have fewer orphans, fewer widows, less suffering and less fear.
Menos vías no implica menos tráfico.
Fewer tracks does not mean less traffic.
En matemáticas, más por menos es menos.
Mathematically speaking, a plus and a minus add up to a minus.
Porque tienen menos oportunidades.
Because they have fewer opportunities.
Hemos querido tener menos.
We wanted to have fewer overall.
Más centralismo, menos democracia.
What is required is more centralism and less democracy.
Ni más ni menos.
Nothing more and nothing less.
¿Cómo definimos menos controvertido?
How do we define less controversial?
No es lo menos importante.
This third element is not the least important one.
Nuestros electores no esperan menos.
Our constituents expect nothing less.
Necesitamos al menos 100.
We need at least 100.
No esperábamos menos de él.
We expected nothing less from him.
Medía cinco centímetros menos.
He was five centimetres too short.
Nos hará menos eficaces, menos visibles, menos democráticos y menos abiertos.
It will make us less effective, less visible, less democratic and less open.
¿Habría menos camiones?
Would we have fewer lorries?
Es todo menos angelical.
It is anything but angelic.
Nada es menos seguro.
Nothing could be less sure.
Ni más ni menos.
No more and no less.
Al menos debemos intentarlo.
We have to at least try to develop that.
Ni más, ni menos.
No more and no less.
Ni más ni menos.
No more and no less.
No me podría importar menos.
I could not care less!
Necesitamos más Europa, no menos.
We need more, not less, Europe.
Al menos, seamos coherentes.
If nothing else, let us be consistent.
No debemos contentarnos con menos.
We should be content with nothing less.
Son mucho menos exóticas.
They are much less exotic.
Necesitamos más Europa, no menos.
We need more Europe, not less.
Hay menos burocracia.
There is less red tape.
Al menos lo parece.
It very much looks like it.
No necesitamos menos Europa.
We do not need less Europe.
Al menos, no hasta ahora.
That may or may not be the fault of the Petitions Committee.
¿Se utiliza menos calefacción?
Do we use less heating?
¿Se alumbra menos?
Do we use less light?
Al menos, algún realismo...
At least let us be a little bit realistic...
Al menos, eso espero.
At least I hope so.
Sepamos al menos asumirla.
Let us be capable of taking on this responsibility.
Al menos es algo.
Well, that is something at any rate.
Nada es menos cierto.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
No me esperaba menos de él.
I expected nothing less from him.
¡Al menos empezamos a indignarnos!
And at least we are starting to show our outrage about it.
No debemos ofrecerles menos.
We should not offer them anything less.
Sin cambio, tendremos menos crecimiento y menos empleo.
If there is no change, we will end up with less growth and less jobs.
La ausencia de conectividad implica menos intercambios, menos crecimiento.
No connectivity means fewer exchanges and less growth.
Menos dinero y menos burocracia pueden producir mejores resultados.
Less money and less bureaucracy can produce better results.
Cuanto menos combustible se consuma menos se importará.
Less fuel consumption means less import of fuel required.
Finalmente, aunque no menos importante, debemos financiar menos proyectos.
Last but not least, we must fund fewer projects.
Se detecta una tendencia general: menos dinero, menos atención.
That is the general trend: less money, less concern.
Otros deberían utilizarse mucho menos.
Others should be used far less widely.
Significa más integración y no menos.
It means more integration, not less integration.
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