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Spanish Word: mi

English Translation: my

Translated sentences containing 'mi'
Mi niñito. Mi mujercita.
My little boy. My little woman.
Mi casita. Mi librito.
My little house. My little book.
Mi cochecito. Mi barquito.
My little car. My little boat.
Mi blusita. Mi faldita.
My little blouse. My little skirt.
Si, yo nado.
Yes, I swim.
Mi pregunta.
The question I wanted to ask is the following.
Mi voto indica mi inquietud.
My votes registered my concern.
Reitero mi afecto, mi cariño y mi profunda solidaridad.
May I reiterate once again my affection and deepest solidarity with Chile.
Espero que mi Grupo siga mi ejemplo.
I hope my group will follow my lead.
Le expreso mi enorme mi afecto.
I should like to say how fondly I think of you.
Mi voto era "a favor" .
My vote was "in favour" .
Le he dado mi respuesta.
I have given you my answer.
Es mi opinión.
I think they should have.
Es mi primera pregunta.
That is my first question.
En mi opinión, no.
I do not think so.
Respeto perfectamente mi cargo.
I have the greatest respect for my position.
Mi agradecimiento por ello.
I would like to express my gratitude in this connection.
A mi también me gustaría hacerlo.
Wish that I could do likewise.
Esta es mi preocupación.
That is my main concern.
Ésa es mi convicción.
I feel certain of this.
Pero no daré mi aprobación.
Even so, however, I shall not give my approval of the report.
Mi clara respuesta es: no.
I have a clear answer to that: no!
No es ése mi plan.
That is not my agenda.
Mi portavoz no habla danés.
My spokesman does not speak Danish.
A mi no me parece así.
I do not believe that is the case.
En mi opinión, no.
I do not think so.
Quiero reiterar mi felicitación.
I would like to repeat my congratulations.
A mi entender, tiene sentido.
It appears to make sense to me.
Éste es mi compromiso.
That is the commitment I am giving.
Mi pregunta sigue a ésta.
My question follows that one.
He gastado todo mi dinero.
I have spent all my money.
Mi enfoque será diferente.
My approach will be a different one.
No es mi competencia.
That is not my competence.
Por mi parte, yo no.
I, for my part, do not.
Mi respuesta sería negativa.
I would say, no, it does not.
Mi respuesta sería afirmativa.
I would say that it does.
Esta es mi pregunta.
This is what I would like to know.
No es mi informe.
It is not my report.
Tiene todo mi apoyo.
He has my full support.
Recibirá mi apoyo incondicional.
It will receive my unqualified support.
Ahora mi segunda pregunta.
Now for my second question.
Mi Grupo no puede aceptarlo.
My group cannot accept it.
Mi respuesta les sorprenderá.
The answer that I came up with will surprise you.
No era ese mi objetivo.
That was not my aim.
Es mi último deseo.
This is my last wish.
Ahora va mi pregunta.
I turn now to my question.
Disculpen mi escepticismo.
Forgive me for being sceptical.
Me sorprende mi propia modestia.
I am surprised at my own modesty.
Mi pregunta es complementaria.
My question is a follow-up.
No es mi problema.
That is not my problem.
Yo no salvo mi alma.
I am not saving my soul.
Mi enhorabuena al ponente.
My congratulations to the rapporteur.
Paso a mi segundo ejemplo.
I turn now to my second example.
Mi deber es respetarlo.
I have to respect that.
Llego a mi comentario final.
Now to my final remark.
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  - acc. of [yo] (after prep.), me
  miedo - fear; [tener ----,] to be afraid
  miel - honey
  miembro - member
  mienten - pres. of [mentir.]
  mientes - f. pl., thoughts
  mientras - while, in the meantime; =---- que,=...
  miércoles - Wednesday
  Miguel Ángel - Michelangelo
  mil - one thousand
  militar - soldier
  millón - million
  mina - mine
  mineral - mineral
  mínimo,mínima - smallest; least
  minuto - minute
  mío,mía - mine
  mirada - look
  misa - mass
  miserable - wretch

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