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Spanish Word: mal

English Translation: adv., badly, ill

Translated sentences containing 'mal'
Hay un castigo si te portas mal.
There is a punishment if you misbehave.
Me cayó mal la comida.
The food didn't agree with me.
Ella me cae muy mal.
I can't stand her.
¡No le desees mal a nadie!
Don’t wish malice on anyone!
¿Ha tenido mal aliento?
Have you had bad breath?
¡Menos mal!
And just as well, in my view.
No me interpreten mal.
Do not get me wrong.
Me huelen mal.
It smells a bit to me.
No me entiendan mal.
Please do not misunderstand me.
Me expresé mal.
I did not make myself clear.
Esto está mal y mal fundamentado.
It is wrong and ill-informed.
Todo esto acabará mal.
It will all end in tears.
No está nada mal.
That is not a bad result.
El mal está hecho.
What is done is done.
Es un mal comienzo.
This is a bad start.
Seguro que sale mal.
That is bound to go wrong.
Siempre encajará mal a todos.
It will always be a poor fit for everyone.
A mí no me parece mal.
I have no problem with this.
¡No está nada mal!
That is nice for him!
Está mal que no asistan.
It is wrong for them not to be here.
Está mal dotado.
It is not properly funded.
Tal me haya expresado mal.
Perhaps I did not explain myself very well.
Sería un mal cálculo.
That would be a bad calculation.
Es un mal comienzo.
It is a bad start.
Es un mal resultado.
It is a bad outcome.
Esto empieza mal.
That is a bad start.
Y todavía va mal.
But we knew what we meant.
Si Europa va mal, la ASEAN va muy mal.
If Europe is doing badly, then ASEAN is doing very badly.
No estamos gestionando mal nosotros tampoco.
We are not doing a bad job of management.
Esto constituye un mal precedente.
This is a bad precedent.
Nuestra Unión no va demasiado mal.
Of course, unemployment is still too high, but 2.5 million new jobs have been created.
¿Significa que nada anda mal?
Does this mean that everything is smelling of roses, or that nothing is going wrong?
Ambas propuestas van mal encaminadas.
Both proposals are along the wrong lines.
La economía mundial va mal.
The world economy is in bad shape.
Realmente esto no está nada mal.
It is not really a bad result.
Nuestro trabajo está mal organizado.
Our work is badly organised.
¡Tampoco nos fue tan mal!
Oh, it was not as bad as all that!
Lo cual no está nada mal.
Which is not a bad thing at all.
Evidentemente, todo esto está mal.
This is, of course, wrong.
Vamos de mal en peor.
We are jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.
No vamos mal, pero no es suficiente.
We are fairly good, but not good enough.
Esperamos que hayamos entendido mal.
Let us hope that we have misunderstood it.
Está mal y debemos decirlo.
It is wrong and we should say so.
Ha sido un mal entendido.
There has been a misunderstanding.
Este proyecto está mal preparado.
This project has been ill prepared.
Les ruego que no me interpreten mal.
I do not want to be misunderstood.
He entendido mal su última observación.
I misunderstood your last point.
Es una transparencia mal entendida.
It is a travesty of transparency.
Pradier dijo: un mal nécessaire .
Mr Pradier speaks of a necessary evil.
Los socialistas tienen mal perder.
The Socialists are bad losers.
Siete directivas, no está nada mal.
Seven directives, that is no mean achievement.
¿Qué mal hay en ello?
What is the harm in that?
Incluso esto, conseguimos hacerlo mal.
Even there we manage to get it wrong.
Como saben ustedes, los responsables políticos mal informados juzgan mal y deciden mal.
As you know, political decision-makers who are badly informed make bad judgments and take bad decisions.
La intervención de la OTAN no es un remedio peor que el mal. Es un mal mucho peor que el mal.
NATO intervention is not a cure that is worse than the disease, it is a disease that is much worse than the disease.
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