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Spanish Word: mágico,mágica

English Translation: magic

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  magistrado - magistrate
  magnate - magnate
  magnífico,magnífica - magnificent, excellent
  Maguey - agave, a plant from which pulque, a...
  Mahoma - Mahomet, Mohammed
  maíz - corn, maize
  majadero - simpleton, fool
  majestad - majesty
  majestuosamente - majestically
  mal - adv., badly, ill
  mal - evil
  maldito,maldita - confounded, accursed
  maligno,maligna - malignant, malicious
  malo,mala - bad, evil; difficult: [estar ----],...
  malsano,malsana - unhealthy
  Malthus - Malthus
  malla - mesh
  manera - manner; [de esta----], in this way,...
  manjar - food
  mano - hand; [venir a las ----s], to come to...

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