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Spanish Word: jovencito

English Translation: stripling

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  coacción - duress
  osteópata - osteopath
  fax - fax
  anecdota - anecdote
  defecto - fault, defect
  audiovisual - audiovisual
  patilla - sideburn
  greda - chalk
  telegrafico - by cable, by wire, telegraphic
  estructuración - structuring
  distención - distention
  barricada - barricade
  creador - originative
  ilegitimidad - illegitimacy
  ajeno - strange
  secadora - dryer
  adquisitivo - acquisitive
  lamentable - pitiably
  inacabable - unending
  sexy - sexy

Popular Phrase: preterite of caer | Conversational Spanish | Conjugated Verb: tapar - to cover; to put the lid on, put the cap on, put the stopper in [a container]; to cover up, hide, conceal [ click for full conjugation ]