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Spanish Word: inflamado

English Translation: inflamed

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  metros - meter, metre
  silo - warehouse
  séptico - septic
  capitulo - chapter
  reprimenda - rebuke, reference, reproof, reprimand
  eterno - eternal, everlasting, timeless, undying
  participio - participle
  andamio - scaffold
  infalibilidad - infallibility
  bare - base, foundation, groundwork,...
  bromista - jester, teaser
  claudicación - claudication
  peque ez - diminutiveness, smallness
  narciso - daffodil, narcissus
  acrílico - acrylic
  mojado - wet
  completamente nuevo - brand-new
  pintado - coloured
  valia - worth, worthiness
  alabanza - commendation

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