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Spanish Word: índice

English Translation: contents, superscript

Translated sentences containing 'índice'
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  señal - sign (n), signal, token
  poco ortodoxo - unorthodox
  prejuicio - prejudice
  tripode - tripod
  aplacador - appeaser
  pacificación - pacification
  mejikano - mexican
  informal - disaffectedly, unsound, unreliable,...
  carbono - carbon
  pepita - pip
  desesperadamente - desperately, hopelessly
  satisfactoriamente - satisfactorily
  homónimo - homonym, homonymous, namesake
  increíble - incredible
  camafeo - cameo
  por tanto - hence
  chasquido - snap
  suplica - petition
  regencia - regency
  repugnancia - distaste, repugnance, unwillingness

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