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Spanish Word: honorario

English Translation: honorary

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  auditivo - aural
  ignorante - ignorant, ignoramus, uninformed
  catolicismo - catholicism
  ridículo - ridiculous, ridicule
  depurador - debugger
  objeción - objection
  cabana - cabin, shack
  lánguido - languid
  válvula - valve, tube
  preambulo - introduction, leading in
  estadizacion - nationalization
  raspado - rasping
  ejército - army, military
  políglota - polyglot
  subasta - tender
  elección - election, choice
  aniquilación - annihilation
  lucrativo - lucrative
  nominativo - nominative
  licor - liqueur

Popular Phrase: preterite of caer | Conversational Spanish | Conjugated Verb: tapar - to cover; to put the lid on, put the cap on, put the stopper in [a container]; to cover up, hide, conceal [ click for full conjugation ]