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Spanish Word: gemelo

English Translation: twin

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  cazar furtivamente - poach
  antees - forebears, forbears
  tecleo - fingering
  ba ero - baths attendant
  patol√≥gico - pathological
  tiempo parcial - part-time
  mecan√≥grafo - typist
  puntilla - brad
  tirantes - suspenders, braces
  candelero - candlestick
  aceptado - approved
  agridulce - bittersweet
  cubierto - covered, overcast
  anestesia - torpidity
  movimiento - move (v), motion, movement
  esatble - rugged, stably
  arcaico - archaic
  perenne - eternal, eternally, everlasting
  portarse mal - misbehave
  gimnastico - gymnastic

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