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Spanish Word: frondoso

English Translation: leafy, luxuriant

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  la fábrica - factory, manufacturing or processing...
  el flan - flan (a type of Spanish custard often...
  el fósil - fossil
  la facción - faction, anatomical feature
  la escalinata - staircase, stair step
  el escape - leak (as of a liquid, gas or...
  el éxito - success; excellent result;...
  los enseres - personal effects, belongings, equipment
  el embudo - funnel
  el egoísmo - selfishness, self-centeredness, egoism
  la excedencia - leave of absence, sabbatical
  estimable - worthy of esteem, worthy of...
  el enojo - anger
  la encrucijada - crossroads (literal or figurative)
  ejem - an interjection expressing doubt,...
  espada - sword
  el éxtasis - ecstasy (the feeling or the drug)
  la espoleta - fuse (of a rocket or bomb), wishbone...
  el estreñimiento - constipation
  el estante - shelf

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