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Spanish Word: film

English Translation: movie

Translated sentences containing 'film'
¿Podremos ver ese film en el cine?
Will we be able to see that movie in the cinema?
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  limpiadora - mop (for floor)
  tarta - cake, tart
  disonante - dissonant
  confiadamente - confidently
  diminutivo - diminutive
  esferoide - spheroid
  acorro - aid, assistance, auxiliary, succou
  simulador - simulator
  identidad - identity
  moscú - moscow
  acreditación - certification
  albondiga - dumplings
  futurología - futurology
  idealista - idealist, idealistic
  aperitivo - appetizer, dram, nip, peg, snifter,...
  crótalo - rattlesnake
  tactica - tactic, tactics
  elemento - element
  caritativo - mercifully
  risco - rocks

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