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Spanish Word: etimología

English Translation: etymology

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  lavandería - Laundromat, launderette
  ventilación - aeration
  tomo - book (n), tome
  caloría - calorie
  contaminación - contamination
  atacador - aggressor, assailant, attacker
  vaquero - cowboy
  luz verde - go-ahead
  sordo - deaf
  acético - acetic
  selvoso - forested, wooded
  afamado - celebrated, illustrious
  broche - broach, brooch, clasp, fastener
  con doblez - doubly
  arrugado - wrinkled
  bañar - bathe
  espuma - froth
  indisposición - indisposition
  bordoa - aboard
  mamífero - mammal

Popular Phrase: time in spanish | Conjugated Verb: calar - to soak, to cut a piece out to taste (frutas), to fret (madera), to make openwork (ropa) [ click for full conjugation ]