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Spanish Word: equilibrio

English Translation: balance, equilibrium, poise

Translated sentences containing 'equilibrio'
¿En dónde está el punto de equilibrio?
Where is the break even point?
Perdió el equilibrio.
She lost her balance.
Tiene que existir equilibrio.
We must strike a balance.
Hemos conseguido ese equilibrio.
We have got that balance right.
Debemos ver el equilibrio.
We should maintain a balance.
Debe haber un equilibrio.
There must be a balance.
¿De qué equilibrio hablamos?
What balance are we talking about?
Queremos encontrar este equilibrio.
We want to find that balance.
Necesitamos un equilibrio institucional.
An institutional balance is required.
Había un cierto equilibrio.
There was a certain balance.
El equilibrio es importante.
Symmetry is an important issue.
Tiene que haber equilibrio.
There has to be balance.
Intentamos mantener un equilibrio.
One tries to maintain a balance.
Hemos conseguido el equilibrio.
We have managed a balanced budget.
Queríamos encontrar un equilibrio.
We wanted to strike a balance.
Debemos encontrar un equilibrio.
We must find the balance.
Necesitamos un nuevo equilibrio.
We need a new balance.
Debe encontrarse un equilibrio responsable.
A responsible compromise must be struck.
¿Podemos lograr un equilibrio adecuado?
Can we achieve a proper balance?
El equilibrio no siempre es fácil.
The balance is not always easy.
Hay que encontrar un equilibrio.
It is a balance which should be struck.
Es fundamental conservar el equilibrio.
It is extremely important to maintain that balance.
Hay que encontrar un equilibrio.
That has to be weighed in the balance.
No se ha alcanzado un equilibrio.
A balance has not been struck.
Se producirá ahí un equilibrio.
This is where a balance will come about.
Conseguido este equilibrio, he votado a favor.
Now that that balance has been struck, I voted in favour.
Hemos de encontrar un equilibrio.
We have to strike a balance.
Es un equilibrio sumamente difícil.
It is an extremely difficult balance.
Así se restablece el equilibrio.
This is about restoring the balance.
Es necesario alcanzar un equilibrio.
A balance needs to be struck.
Además, debemos encontrar un equilibrio.
Furthermore, we must strike a balance.
Se ha mantenido el equilibrio.
The balance has been maintained.
¿Acaso un equilibrio entre sectores?
Is it about inter-sector balance?
Es una cuestión de equilibrio.
It is a question of balance.
El equilibrio debe ser perfecto.
There needs to be a perfect balance.
Es un elemento del equilibrio.
It is an element which gives balance.
Comprometen demasiado el equilibrio inicial.
They compromise the initial balance too severely.
Hay que encontrar este equilibrio.
This balance must be found.
Había un equilibrio con seis.
There was balance with six.
Hay un equilibrio con quince.
There is balance with 15.
Aquí se rompe el equilibrio.
There is an imbalance here.
Pero deberíamos encontrar cierto equilibrio.
But we have to strike some kind of balance.
Debemos lograr un equilibrio entre ambos.
We must strike a balance between them.
Creo que hemos propuesto un equilibrio sensato.
I think we have put forward a reasonable compromise here.
Este es el equilibrio que imagino.
That is the balance I suppose.
Por ello, advierto frente a un pseudo equilibrio.
That is why I warn against a pseudo balanced approach.
Se trata de un buen equilibrio.
That is a good balance.
¿Dónde está el punto de equilibrio?
Where is the right balance to be found?
Se ha hablado mucho de un equilibrio.
A great deal has been said about the need for balance.
Apelo a usted para que consiga este equilibrio.
I appeal to you to get the balance right.
Hay que mantener siempre este equilibrio.
We constantly have to maintain this balance.
Prestamos especial interés al equilibrio institucional.
We attach special importance to institutional equilibrium.
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