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Spanish Word: énfasis

English Translation: emphasis

Translated sentences containing 'énfasis'
La gente de mi preparatoria puso demasiado énfasis en los deportes.
People from my high school put too much emphasis on sports.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  enfermo,enferma - sick, ill
  engreír - to make conceited, make proud
  enigma - puzzle, riddle
  enjambre - swarm
  enorme - enormous, grievous
  Enrique - Henry
  ensayo - trial, attempt
  entendimiento - understanding, sense
  enteramente - entirely
  enternecido,enternecida - moved, deeply affected
  entero,entera - entire, whole
  entiende - pres. of [entender]
  entierro - burial; see [sardina]
  entonces - then, thereupon
  entrada - entrance, admission; coming
  entre - between, among
  entreabierto,entreabierta - half-open
  epitafio - epitaph
  epiteto - epithet
  época - epoch, period, time

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