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Spanish Word: encontrarse con

English Translation: meet

Translated sentences containing 'encontrarse con'
La fortuna de un loco es encontrarse con otro.
The luck of the foolish is to meet another fool.
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  acumulativo - accumulative, cumulative
  táctica - tactic, tactics
  servicio incluido - tip included
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  colorete - rouge
  puntuación máxima - top score
  abastecimiento - supply
  currículum - resume
  indeterminable - indeterminable
  impregnación - impregnation
  vanguardia - forefront, spearhead, vanguard
  tropas - troops
  acción - acting
  con casco - helmeted
  de acuerdo - o.k., in agreement
  evocador - reminiscent
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  zona caliente - hotspot
  buzo - aquanaut, diver

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