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Spanish Word: en esto

English Translation: hereupon

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  armada - army, armada
  perforación - perforation
  nieve - snow (n)
  alazán - sorrel
  bañista - bather
  mutabilidad - changability, changeability
  pocilga - pigsty, sty
  empirismo - empiricism
  impropiedad - unfitness
  magro - meager
  monóculo - monocle
  tanto a - as much as
  último - last, hindmost, latest, latte,...
  cantante - singer, vocalists
  rotación - rotation
  derechos - to the right
  caramglo - lozenger
  candor - candidness, candor
  tina - vat
  guiador - headman, headmen, scoutmaster

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