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Spanish Word: dos

English Translation: two; [a las----], at two o'clock

Translated sentences containing 'dos'
Somos dos.
There are two of us.
Tómese dos pastillas antes de acostarse.
Take two pills before bed.
garaje para dos carros
two-car garage
Estoy aquí por dos semanas.
I’m here for two weeks.
Tengo dos hijos.
I have two children.
Dos cosas:
I have two points to make.
Selecciono dos.
I will concentrate on two.
Un diálogo implica dos personas, dos lenguas, dos discursos.
Dialogue implies that there be two people, two languages, two verbal approaches.
Hay dos Estados cristianos y dos musulmanes.
There are two Christian and two Islamic states in the region.
Dos más dos siempre serán cuatro.
Two plus two will always equal four.
Señor Presidente, dos minutos, dos observaciones.
Mr President, I have two observations to make in my two minutes, .
Me limitaré a comentar dos puntos.
I propose to confine my comments to two areas.
Permítaseme formular dos preguntas.
Two questions if I may.
Dos observaciones, Señoría.
. (PT) I have two points to make, Mr Seppänen.
Quisiera señalar dos puntos.
I want to stress two points.
Llego aquí a dos cuestiones.
I come to two points here.
Me gustaría plantear dos cuestiones.
I would like to raise two points.
Restan, no obstante, dos cuestiones.
Two questions still remain, however.
Con esas dos características.
I wanted to highlight these two aspects.
Debo comunicarles dos cuestiones.
I have two statements to make.
Me gustaría plantearle dos preguntas.
I should like to put two questions to you.
Necesitamos dos instrumentos complementarios.
We need two additional instruments.
Permítanme dos últimos comentarios.
Let me make two final points.
Quisiera mencionar dos.
I would like to mention two.
Tengo otras dos preguntas.
I have two other points.
Me refiero sólo a dos aspectos.
I refer to just two aspects.
Quisiera destacar dos puntos.
I would like to make two points.
Son dos cosas distintas.
These are two different things.
Señalo simplemente dos debilidades.
I can only see two shortcomings.
Mencionaré dos casos concretos.
I shall refer to two particular instances.
Permítanme decir dos cosas.
Allow me to mention two things.
Son dos cosas distintas.
These are two separate issues.
Voy a hacer dos comentarios.
I would like to add two comments.
Me preocupan dos aspectos.
Two points cause me concern.
Dos últimas observaciones.
I have two final comments.
Las votaremos las dos.
Both amendments will be put to the vote.
Me refiero a dos cuestiones clave.
I shall refer to two key issues.
Hay dos puntos abiertos.
There are two points still outstanding.
Contenía dos estrategias diferentes.
It contained two different strategies.
Hay sólo dos posibilidades.
There are in fact only two options.
Quisiera hacer dos observaciones.
I should like to make two points.
Aquí caben dos respuestas.
I have two comments to make in response to this point.
A continuación procederemos a dos votaciones:
We shall now proceed with two votes:
Me referiré a dos puntos.
I shall make two points.
Me gustaría subrayar dos puntos.
I should like to make two points.
Tengo otras dos observaciones.
I should like to make two other points.
Dos observaciones para finalizar.
I would like to make two final comments.
Dos ejemplos de ello.
I will mention two examples.
Quisiera formular dos observaciones.
I should like to make two points.
Son dos situaciones diferentes.
They are two different situations.
Quisiera plantearle dos preguntas.
I should like to put two questions to you.
Me gustaría plantear dos consideraciones.
I should like to raise two points.
Me he abstenido por dos motivos.
I have abstained for two reasons.
Ello provocó dos reacciones.
There were two reactions to this.
Quiero decir dos cosas.
I want to say two things.
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