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Spanish Word: diré

English Translation: fut. of decir

Translated sentences containing 'diré'
Yo diré la verdad.
I will tell the truth.
Yo le diré al Señor Doe que usted llamó.
I will tell Mr. Doe that you called.
No le diré nada a nadie.
I won't say anything to anyone.
Mañana será cuando se lo diré.
Tomorrow will be when I tell it to him.
Le diré lo que pienso en cuanto vea a Pedro.
I will tell him what I think as soon as I see Pedro.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  dirección - direction, management
  directamente - directly
  discípula - pupil
  discípulo - pupil
  disco - disk
  discontento,discontenta - dissatisfied
  discusión - discussion
  disgusto - annoyance, trouble, vexation
  disparate - nonsense
  distancia - distance
  distinguido,distinguida - distinguished
  distintamente - distinctly, plainly
  distribución - distribution
  distrito - district
  diversión - diversion, amusement
  diversos,diversas - several
  doble - double; double bill
  doce - twelve
  dólar - dollar
  dolor - pain; =---- de cabeza=, headache

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