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Spanish Word: descalzo

English Translation: barefoot

Translated sentences containing 'descalzo'
No pises descalzo el piso que está muy frío.
Don't walk on the floor without shoes, it's very cold.
¿Por qué estás descalzo?
Why are you barefoot?
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  zascandil - machinator
  primeramente - firstly, first of all
  tórrido - torrid
  abordaje - collision
  pigmeo - pigmy, pygmy
  balística - ballistics
  embarazoso - cumbersome
  apéndice - accessory
  falible - fallibly
  roza - forest aisle
  aceitunas - olives
  abandonado - neglected, abandoned, forlorn
  comunica - occupies, taken
  derivación - derivation, shunt
  reducir velocidad - decrease speed
  batido - slat, slug
  impureza - impurity
  internista - internist
  unionista - unionist
  protegido - protected, protege

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