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Spanish Word: colorado

English Translation: colorado

Translated sentences containing 'colorado'
Ponerse colorado / Sonrojarse
to turn red
ponerse colorado / sonrojarse
to turn red
Señora Presidenta, quiero pedirle que escriba usted una carta al gobernador de Colorado y le ruegue que preste su ayuda paternal a este pequeño niño ultrajado.
Madam President, I would therefore request that you write a letter to the governor of Colorado and ask him to give this small, mistreated child his fatherly help.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  a propósito - on purpose
  autostopista - hitch-hiker
  revaluación - reappraisal, revaluation
  cano - hoary
  enflaquecido - emaciated
  reno - reindeer
  afinador - tuner
  dinamarqués - danish
  referente - referable, regarding
  cuaquerismo - quakerism
  desde ar - despise, disdain, dispise, scorn
  proporción - proportion, ratio
  deferencia - softness, yieldingness
  siniestro - sinister
  fraccion - fractionary
  curvatura - curvature
  inexorable - adamant, inexorable
  quedar bien - fit (v)
  sintético - synthetic
  pantaltáctil - flat panel touch screen

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