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Spanish Word: circularr

English Translation: circulate, gyrate

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  ro oso - closefisted
  polémica - controversy, polemic
  unisono - unanimously
  eyección - ejection
  segunda fase - playoff
  martín pescador - kingfisher
  persona rechoncha - squab
  clamoroso - miserable
  estotro - he who, the one
  cremoso - creamy
  no combatiente - non-combatant, noncombatant
  pantalgráfica - graphic display
  esbelto - scrawny, slender
  sumiso - submissive
  escondite - hide and seek, cache, hide-out, lurk
  huevas - spawn
  cilindro - roller
  muchedumbre - crowd
  derogatorio - derogatory
  enunciado - enunciation

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