Spanish / English Dictionary: cardiología  

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Spanish Word: cardiología

English Translation: cardiology

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  cajon - footlocker
  incienso - incense
  parcial - partial
  orientación - orientation
  malgasto - waste of money
  abrazo - hug, embracement
  aguafiestas - killjoys
  gira - circular tour
  cantora - female singer
  preocupacion - prejudice
  viscoso - clammy, sizing, viscose, viscous
  interminable - endless
  redondeado - rounded
  palmo - span
  terneza - endearment, fondness, tenderness

Popular Phrase: how to speak spanish | Spanish language schools | Conjugated Verb: codear - to elbow, to nudge, to rub elbows with someone [ click for full conjugation ]