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Spanish Word: caramba

English Translation: gosh!, golly

Translated sentences containing 'caramba'
¡Ay, caramba!
Oh Gosh!!
¡Cuarenta dólares! Caramba, deme la genérica.
Fourty dollars! Wow, give me the generic one.
¡Cuarenta dólares! ¡Caramba! ¡Déme la genérica!
Forty dollars – no way! Give me the generic!
¡Es su deber, caramba!
This is their darned duty!
¡Qué necesidad hay de que unas pocas personas se adornen con pieles, qué caramba!
Damn it all, why should a few people deck themselves out in furs?
Pero, ¡caramba! hay que convencerlo de que el Parlamento Europeo desea financiarlos.
But, good heavens, he must be persuaded that the European Parliament wants to fund it!
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Popular Phrase: future subjunctive spanish | Free Spanish Lessons | Conjugated Verb: entusiasmarse - to get excited, become excited [filled with excitement or enthusiasm] [ click for full conjugation ]