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Spanish Word: caminata

English Translation: trudge

Translated sentences containing 'caminata'
Dimos una caminata por la Plaza Bolívar.
We went for a walk around Bolívar square.
Llegamos relativamente bien al fin de una larga caminata.
We are at the end of a long haul, and we have got here in pretty good shape.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  callaciega - dead-end street
  vigoroso - emphatic
  precario - precariously
  necesario - necessary
  absolut - absolute
  nocturno - nocturnal, nocturnally
  de seda - silken
  entrevistador - interviewer
  diametro - across, diameter
  superfluidad - superfluity
  melindroso - finicky, fussy
  descuento - discount, abatement, rebate
  camorrista - rowdy
  trepador - climber
  indomado - untamed
  energético - energetic
  inutil - unprofitable
  mandón - bossy
  pipote - clitoris (big sunflower seed)
  rendija - seam

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