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Spanish Word: base

English Translation: base, basis

Translated sentences containing 'base'
Veinte galones de base y treinta galones de látex.
Twenty gallons of base and thirty gallons of latex.
Veinte galones de base y treinta galones de látex.
Twenty gallons of base and thirty gallons of latex.
Está conectada al base de datos?
Is it connected to the database?
Para saber si la biblioteca tiene el volumen buscado, puedes consultar la base de datos a través de internet.
To know if the library has the book you look for, you can consult the database through the Internet.
Acaban de borrar la base de datos.
They have just erased the database.
Aprendemos a base de errores.
We learn from our knock-backs, albeit with some delay.
Facilítennos una base legal.
Give us a legal basis.
¿Constituyen una base o no?
Are they or are they not a basis?
Supone una buena base.
It is a good basis.
Trabajamos sobre esa base.
We work on this basis.
Jurídicamente no tiene base alguna.
It has no legal basis whatsoever.
No hay base para ello.
There is no excuse for such behaviour.
¿Partiendo de una mala base o de una base razonable?
Is it negotiated from a poor basis or a reasonable basis?
Hemos negociado sobre esta base.
That is the basis on which we conducted our negotiations.
Esto tiene una base real.
There is a practical reason for this.
La base es la voluntariedad.
This is based on voluntariness.
Trabajemos juntos sobre esta base.
Let us work together on that basis.
Tienen su base en Europa.
They are based in Europe.
Paso ahora a la base jurídica.
Turning now to the legal basis.
Por tanto, esa base no existe.
So that basis does not exist.
Esta no es una buena base.
This is not a good basis.
No existe ninguna base para ello.
There is no basis for this.
Sobre esa base quisiera que se me juzgara.
That is what I would like to be judged on.
Primero, debe tener una base jurídica.
One, it must be based in law.
Es importante reforzar este trabajo de base.
It is important to give more support to this basic work.
La primera se refiere a la base legal.
The first one concerns the legal basis.
Difuminan la base jurídica de la propuesta.
They obscure the proposal's legal basis.
Como otros, lamento la base jurídica elegida.
Like others I regret the legal base chosen.
Será necesaria una sólida base financiera.
It must be put on a sound financial footing.
También sobre esta base emitiremos nuestro voto.
It is also on this basis that we shall vote.
Me parece imposible trabajar sobre esta base.
I find it impossible to work on that basis.
Hemos de avanzar sobre esa base.
We have to move forward on that basis.
Pero ¿debemos hacerlo sobre semejante base liberal?
But must we do it on such a liberal basis?
El primero es la base jurídica.
The first is the legal basis.
Esto no se consigue a base de coacción.
This cannot be done by compulsion.
No obstante, tenemos una nueva base para hacerlo.
We do, though, have a new basis on which to do this.
La decisión se tomó sobre esta base.
The decision was taken on that basis.
La base legislativa es relativamente sólida.
The legislative base is relatively solid.
Nosotros hemos procedido sobre esta base particular.
We have proceeded on that particular basis.
Sobre esta base tenemos que trabajar.
It is on this basis that we have to work.
La región es la base de Europa.
The region is the foundation of Europe.
Debemos negociar partiendo de esa base.
It is on that basis that we need to negotiate.
Los valores son la base de todo.
Values are the foundation of everything.
Por supuesto, está hecho a base de compromisos.
Of course it is made up of compromises.
Me parece una base excelente para futuras negociaciones.
That seems to me to be a very good basis for future negotiations.
No hay base legal en los Tratados actuales.
It has no legal basis in the current Treaties.
Esa es la base de la democracia.
That is the basis of democracy.
La transparencia es la base de todo.
Transparency is the basis of everything.
Una base única acabaría con esta flexibilidad.
A single base would do away with flexibility.
Contamos con una base muy sólida.
We have a very good basis.
Creo que ésta es la base.
I believe that this is a good start.
Los reglamentos proporcionan la base para ello.
The regulations provide for this.
Sobre esta base, nuestras relaciones saldrían fortalecidas.
On this basis, our relations will be strengthened.
Seguiremos teniendo una base industrial europea firme.
We shall continue to have a strong European industrial base.
No se ha creado ninguna base de datos.
No database has been set up.
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