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Spanish Word: balance

English Translation: balance

Translated sentences containing 'balance'
Los contadores siempre tenían el balance listo para cuando lo pedía el administrador.
The accountants always had the balance sheets ready by the time the administrator needed them.
Su balance en el cheque regalo es treinta dólares.
Your balance on the giftcard is thirty dollars.
Su balance en el cheque regalo es treinta dólares.
Your balance on the giftcard is thirty dollars.
El balance mínimo es de veinte dólares.
The minimum balance is $20.
Mientras yo seguí leyendo el informe, el contador terminó el balance.
While I continued reading the report, the accountant finished making out the balance sheet.
El balance:
The result is that we have 11 countries instead of 15, it is a semi-failure. Monetary union is not unanimous.
Semejante balance no puede satisfacernos.
We cannot be satisfied with such a record.
¿Qué dice el balance?
What does the review say?
El balance aún no es definitivo.
It may be worse yet.
El balance es muy positivo.
On balance it is a very positive one.
Aquí hace falta un balance.
What is required here is a balance.
Haciendo balance, he decidido votar a favor.
On balance, I have decided to vote in favour.
Este balance intermedio me parece catastrófico.
As I see it, the results of the mid-term review of this are disastrous.
El balance general es positivo.
The overall balance is positive.
No es un balance satisfactorio, Señorías.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is not a satisfactory balance.
En este balance hay ciertamente aspectos positivos.
This assessment certainly includes some positive aspects.
No basta con tener un buen balance económico.
It is not enough to have a healthy economic balance sheet.
En mayo tendrá lugar el primer balance.
An initial reconciliation will take place in May.
El balance global es muy positivo.
The final balance is very positive.
Hecho el balance, hablemos del futuro.
Having assessed the situation, let us now talk about the future.
No es un balance del que sentirse orgulloso.
This is not a record to be proud of.
No obstante, no encontramos nada: no hay tal balance.
We cannot, however, see anything: there is no such summary!
Creo que el balance es importante.
I feel that the outcome is important.
La conclusión de este balance es evidente.
The conclusion to be drawn from this overview is clear.
Creo que nuestro balance es positivo.
I believe that our results are positive.
El balance, diez años después, es modesto.
The results, 10 years on, are mixed.
Trece años después, el balance no es glorioso.
Thirteen years later, the results are not impressive.
¿Cuál es el balance de cierre?
What does the closing balance look like?
Sin embargo, haciendo balance, no puedo apoyarlo.
However, I cannot, on balance, support it.
Por eso el balance no puede ser satisfactorio.
And that is why the results cannot be satisfactory.
El balance de la violencia es aterrador.
The figures on violence are shocking.
Señor Presidente, Señorías, el balance es matizado.
Mr President, fellow Members, the outcome is a curate's egg.
A este respecto, el balance es positivo.
The net result here is positive.
Pero, realmente, hay que hacer balance.
Nevertheless, we must strike a balance.
El balance nos parece muy contrastado.
The balance sheet seems rather uneven to us.
Intenta tener en cuenta ese balance.
It tries to establish this balance.
Asunto: Balance de los Acuerdos de Dayton
Subject: Results of the Dayton agreements
En 1973, el balance era muy otro.
In 1973, the situation was different.
Hoy mismo tenemos un balance positivo.
We still have a positive balance here today.
En cuanto al balance, señor Santer, no insistiré.
I will not go into detail on the 1998 assessment, Mr Santer.
Podemos hacer, evidentemente, dos tipos de balance.
There are two possible approaches to assessing progress.
Podría continuar indefinidamente el espantoso balance.
This dreadful situation could continue indefinitely.
Pero deseo un balance comercial a nivel mundial.
But I would like to see balance in world-wide trade.
¿Cuál es el balance de la guerra en Kosovo?
How is the outcome of the war in Kosovo to be appraised?
Creemos que el balance de la intervención militar es elocuente.
As far as we are concerned, the outcome of the military intervention speaks for itself.
El balance de esta liberalización es pues negativo.
These are the negative results of liberalisation.
Los Estados miembros, además, deben realizar periódicamente un balance.
Furthermore, the Member States must carry out a periodic assessment.
Si se quiere ser honesto, el balance es poco halagüeño.
To be perfectly honest, the balance sheet is not a healthy one.
El balance se está haciendo desde hace un rato.
We discovered these facts just now.
En efecto, presenta un balance demasiado entusiasta del acuerdo negociado.
It presents a much too enthusiastic assessment of the agreement negotiated.
El balance de octubre, por ejemplo, es realmente espeluznante.
In that light, the balance sheet for October is shocking.
Hay que presentar un balance intermedio en este campo.
The interim review of the agricultural policy has to be presented.
Ello se desprende del balance de cuentas del ejercicio 2000.
That is evident from the financial statements for 2000.
¿Qué balance podemos hacer de cada uno de estos capítulos?
So let us look at the situation regarding each of these three aspects.
En realidad, soy partidaria de hacer balance periódicamente.
I therefore call for occasional reviews to be drawn up of the situation as it stands.
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