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Spanish Word: agricultura

English Translation: agriculture

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  agua - water; [estación de las --s], rainy...
  agudeza - wit; brightness
  agudo,aguda - sharp, pointed; witty
  águila - eagle
  aguja - needle
  ahí - there
  ahogado,ahogada - stifled, choked
  ahora - now; =-- mismo=, even now; [por --],...
  aire - air
  ajeno,ajena - strange, foreign; another's
  ala - wing
  alameda - promenade
  alarmado,alarmada - alarmed
  alboroque - treat
  alcalde - judge
  Alcántara - a city in western Spain; [orden de...
  Alcarria - a mountainous district in Eastern Spain
  alcázar - castle
  aldabazo - loud knock
  aldea - village

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