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Spanish Idioms Discussing the Weather

There are different ways to discuss the weather, in this lesson we will study a form of the verb hacer - to make, do (conjugation)

Let's look at some examples:

Hace calor. - It's hot (warm).

Hace fresco. - It's cool

Hace frío. - It's cold

Hace sol. - It's sunny.

Hace viento. - It's windy.

Note: The verb "hacer" can be substituted for the verbs "hay" (it's or there is) or "estar" (it is) which are discussed in other lessons. Let's look at some typical conversations about the weather :

Desde anoche. Hace mucho calor.
Since last night. It is so hot.

Hay mucho sol. - It's sunny.

No me gusta el invierno. - I don't like the winter.

No me gusta la estación de las lluvias.
I don't like the wet season.

El cielo está oscuro hoy. - The sky is dark today.

Porque el clima es mejor allá.
Because the weather is nicer there.


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