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Spanish Grammar Reflexive Verbs Verbs Like Gustar

The student should already be familiar with the verb gustar (conjugation) which is similar to a reflexive verb, and it is most frequently used in the third person singular or plural. Other verbs used in a manner similar to gustar are:

encantar - to delight/really enjoy
faltar - to lack
fascinar - to fascinate
hacer falta - to miss
impresionar - to be impressed
interesar - to be interested
molestar - to be bothered
quedar - to have remaining/left over
caer bien - to like
caer mal - to dislike

Let's look at some example sentences:

A mí me fascina la terraza, pero a ti te parece pequeña.
I'm fascinated by the terrace, but it seems small to you.

A Elena le fascina la mesa de noche.
Elena is fascinated by the nightstand.

No os interesa la música.
Music doesn't interest you guys.

A los otros inquilinos les molesta su música fuerte.
The other tenants are bothered by your loud music.

Porque son clientes y cortar el césped les molesta.
Because they are customers and mowing disturbs them.

Ella me cae muy mal.
I dislike her a lot.

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