Verbs followed by Prepositions before an Infinitive  

Spanish Prepositions Using Prepositions after Verbs

Many Spanish verbs need no preposition before an infinitive.

Merecen ser libres.
They deserve to be free.

However, some Spanish verbs require a preposition before an infinitive. The following list shows the prepositions needed to link some common verbs with the infinitive.

Sueño con viajar.
I dream about traveling.

Verbs marked with an asterisk (*) take a for all direct objects, not just the usual “personal” a (e.g. Ayudan al desarrollo).

Verbs of motion such as ir, bajar, entrar, etc., always use a before an infinitive for destination, and de for origin: Vengo de hacer compras. Subió a ver al médico.

*animar a (algo) - encourage to           acusar de - accuse of 

*ayudar a (algo) - help to                cesar de - cease from 

*condenar a (algo) - condemn to           comenzar a - begin to 

consentir en - consent to                 convenir en - agree to

consistir en - consist of                 depender de - depend on 

*contribuir a (algo) - contribute to      empezar a -  begin to

cuidar de - take care to                  forzar a - force to

*desafiar a (algo) - challenge to         impulsar a - urge on to

dudar en - hesitate over                  insistir en - insist on 

enseñar a - show how to; teach to         llevar a - lead to 

*incitar a (algo) - incite to             invitar a - invite to 

*obligar a (algo) - oblige to             mandar a - send to

persistir en - persist on                 pasar a - go on to 

*persuadir a (algo) - persuade to         terminar de - finish 

presumir de - boast about                 tratar de -  try to

quedar en - agree to (used informally)    soñar con - dream about 

*renunciar a (algo) - renounce            *tender a (algo) - tend to

volver a (hacer) - (do) again 

acabar de: acabo de estar ahí - I’ve just been there
dejar de - leave off, stop doing something 
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Popular Phrase: vivir | Conjugated Verb: enunciar - to enunciate, to express, to formulate [ click for full conjugation ]