Spanish Verbs beginning with T  


tabicar / to wall up

tablear / to pleat

tabletear / to rattle

tabular / to tabulate

tachar / to cross out, to strike out

taclear / to tackle

tajar / to sharpen

tajear / to slash

taladrar / to drill

talar / to fell, to cut down (árbol)

tallar / to carve (madera), to cut (piedras preciosas), to sculpt (marmol)

tamizar / to sift

tañer / to play/ strum (instrumentos de cuerdas), to ring out (campana)

tapar / to cover

tapizar / to uphoster, to hang tapestry

tardar / to delay

tartamudear / to stutter

teclear / to type, to run one's fingers over piano keys

tejer / to weave

telefonear / to telephone

telegrafiar / to telegraph, to cable a telegram

temblar / to tremble, to shake, to shiver

temer / to fear, to dread, to be afraid of

tender / to hang out (ropa), to spread out, to make (cama), to set (trampa)

tener / to have, to possess

tentar / to tempt/ test

terminar / to finish, to end

teorizar / to theorize

testificar / to testify

testar / to make a will, to testament

tirar / to pull, to shoot (gatillo/ pistola), to throw (away), to pitch (pelotas)

titular / to title, to entitle

tocar / to play (instrumento musical), to touch, to be one's turn, to ring (campana/ timbre)

tolerar / to tolerate

tomar / to take, to drink (bebidas)

torcer / to twist, to change (rumbo, camino), to turn (cabeza, esquina)

torturar / to torture

toser / to cough

tostar / to toast, to roast (café)

trabajar / to work, to labor

trabar / to hold...shut / back, to impede, get jammed / stuck.

traducir / to translate

traer / to bring

tragar / to swallow

traicionar / to betray

tramitar / to negotiate

trascender / trascend

transcribir / to transcribe

transitar / to journey, to travel, to transit

transformar / to transform

transmitir / to transmit

transpirar / to perspire, to sweat

transponer / to surpass, to surmount, to round, to transpose

transportar / to transport

tranquilizar / to tranquilize

tranzar / to trick, to cheat

trasegar / to decant

trascolar / to strain

trasladar / to move, to transfer

traspasar / to pierce, to go through

trastornar / to upset, to disturb

tratar / to try, to treat (things/ people)

trazar / to draw (lines)

trenzar / to braid

trepar / to climb, to mount

tributar / to pay tribute

trinchar / to slice

trillar / to wear out

triplicar / to triplicate, to triple

triturar / to crush, to grind

triunfar / to triumph

trizar / to tear to shreds

trocar / to exchange

trocear / to cut into pieces

tronar / to thunder

tronzar / to slice

tropezar / to stumble

trotar / to trot

tutear / to use the tú form with someone

turbar / to disturb

tumbar / to knock down, to knock over

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