Spanish Verbs beginning with S  


saber / to know, to know how to + infinitive

saborear / to taste, to savor

sacar / to take out, to get out, to draw (pistola/ espada),
----- to let down (dobladillo), to get (calificaciones),
----- to bring out (brillo), to publish (libros)

saciar / to satiate

sacrificar / to sacrifice

sacudir / to shake, to beat/ dust (alfombra)

salar / to salt, to season with salt

saldar / to sell off (productos), to settle (cuenta), to pay off (deuda)

salir / to go out, to leave

salivar / to salivate

salpicar / to splash

saltar / to jump, to skip, to twitch (ojo), to pop off (botón)

saltear / to sauté

salvar / to save

saludar / to greet, to salute

sanar / to heal

sancionar / to sanction, to authorize, to punish

sanear / to reorganize

sangrar/ to bleed

santificar / to sanctify

santiguar / to bless, to make the sign of the cross over

saquear / to pillage, to loot, to sack

sargentear / to boss around

satirizar / to satirize

satisfacer / to satisfy

saturar / to saturate

sazonar / to season

secar / to dry, to wipe away (lágrimas)

secretear / to whisper, to gossip

secuenciar / to arrange in sequence

secuestrar / to kidnap

secularizar / to secularize

secundar / to support, to join, to back

sedar / to soothe, to quiet, to sedate

seducir / to seduce

segregar / to segregate

seguir / to follow, to pursue, to continue

seleccionar / to select, to manage

sellar / to seal, to stamp

sembrar / to sow, to plant

semejar / to resemble

sensacionalizar / to sensationalize

sensibilizar / to sensitize

sentenciar / to sentence

sentir / to feel, to hear (sonidos), to be sorry (lamentar)

señalar / to signal, to point out, to show

señalizar / to signpost

separar / to separate, to detach, to sort

sepultar / to bury

ser / to be

serenar / to soothe, to calm

serializar / to serialize

serrar / to saw

serruchar / to saw

sermonear / to sermonize

sentar / to suit, to seat, to sit

servir / to serve

sesionar / to be in session

sestear / to have a siesta

siestear / to have a siesta

signar / to sign

significar / to signify, to mean

silabear / to syllabify

silbar / to whistle

silenciar / to silence

simbolizar / to symbolize

simpatizar / to hit if off, to get along

simplificar / to simplify

simular / to simulate

simultanear / to do together

sincopar / to syncopate

sincronizar / to synchronize

sindicar / to acusar, to charge with

singularizar / to make special

sintetizar / to synthesize, to summarize

sobrevivir / to survive

sobrar / to remind, to look down on

sobronar / to bribe

sobreactuar / to overact

socializar / to socialize

solidificar / to solidify

solicitar / to solicit, to request

soltar / to release, to let go

solucionar / to solve

sondar / to probe

sondear / to test (mercadería)

sintonizar / to tune

sitiar / to besiege

situar / to situate

sobregirar / to overdraw

sobreponer / to superimpose

sobresalir / to stand out, to excel

sobresaltar / to startle, to attack

sobrevenir / to supervene, to occur later

socorrer / to help, to come to the aid of

sofocar / to suffocate, to stifle, to smother

sollozar / to sob

sombrar / to shade

someter / to subdue, to subject (torturas), to submit

sonar / to ring, to sound, to blow (nariz)

soñar / to dream

sonreír / to smile

soplar / to blow, to whisper (respuestas en un examen), to blow out (vela)

soportar / to support, to endure, to put up with

sorber / to sip

sorprender / to surprise, to catch/ take by surprise, to intercept (mensajes)

sortear / to raffle

sospechar / to suspect

sostener / to sustain, to maintain, to support

suavizar / to smooth

subastar / to auction

subir / to go up/ rise (precios), to climb (montañas),
----- to increase, to rise (aguas), to get on (tren/ auto)

sublimar / to exalt

subordinar / to subordinate

subrayar / to underline, to underscore, to emphasize

subsistir / to subsist

substraer / to substract

subvencionar / to subsidize

subvenir / to provide for needs

subvertir / to subvert

suceder / to happen, to succeed, to follow

sucumbir / to succumb

sudar / to sweat, to perspire

sufrir / to suffer, to endure, to undergo

sugerir / to suggest, to hint

sugestionar / to influence

sujetar / to secure, to fasten

sumar / to add up, to sum

sumergir / to submerge, to plunge, to immerse

suministrar / to furnish, to provide, to supply

suponer / to suppose

superar / to surpass, to exceed

suplantar / to supplant, to take the place of

suplicar / to supplicate, to beg

suprimir / to suppress, to abolish (impuestos), to delete (escritura)

surgir / to surge, to appear, to spout, to emerge/ develop (problemas)

surtir / to supply, to stock, to provide

suscribir / to subscribe, to sign (convenio), to endorse (opinión), to underwrite (seguros)

suspender / to suspend

suspirar / to sigh

susurrar / to murmur, to whisper

sutilizar / to file, to refine

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