Spanish Verbs beginning with P  


pacificar / to pacify

pactar / to pact

padecer / to suffer, to endure

pagar / to pay

paginar / to paginate

palabrear / to have a chat about

paladear / to savor, to taste

palmar / to kick the bucket

palmear / to clap hands (note: aplaudir is most commonly used)

palpar / to feel (with hands), to touch

palpitar / to palpitate, to beat, to throb

paralizar / to paralyze

parar / to stop

paragonar / to compare

parasitar / to parasitize

parchar / to patch

parcelar / to divide into plots

parchear / to patch

parecer / to seem, to appear

parir / to give birth

parlamentar / to parley, to talk

parlotear / to chatter (informal)

parpadear / to blink (persona), to twitch (ojo)

parrandear / to go out (informal)

participar / to participate

particularizar / to distinguish

partir / to depart, to leave, to split/divide

pasar / to pass by, to happen (evento), to spend (tiempo)

pasear / to go for a walk, to go for a ride (auto, bicicleta)

pastar / to graze

pasteurizar / to pasteurize

pastorear / to pasture

patalear / to stamp one's feet

patear / to kick

patentizar / to display, to demonstrate

patinar / to skate

patrocinar / to sponsor

patrullar / to patrol, to go on patrol

pautar / to rule, to regulate

pavear / to clown, to lark around

pavonar / to blue

payasear / to clown around

pecar / to sin

pedalear / to pedal

pedir / to ask for, to request

pegar / to hit, to beat, to slap (cachetada), to glue (cosas), to stick, to paste

peinar / to comb

pelar / to peel, to unwrap, to pluck (ave)

pelear / to fight

pelechar / to molt, to grow hair

peligrar / to be at risk

pellizcar / to pinch

penetrar / to penetrate

pensar / to think

perecer / to perish, to die

peregrinar / to make a pilgrimage

percibir / to perceive

perder / to lose

perdonar / to forgive, to pardon, to excuse (con permiso)

perfeccionar / to improve, to perfect

perfilar / to streamline, to shape

perforar / to perforate

perfumar / to perfume

perjudicar / to be detrimental/ damaging

perjurar / to commit perjury

permanecer / to remain, to stay

permitir / to permit, to allow

permutar / to swap, to exchange, to permute

pernoctar / to stay overnight

perpetrar / to perpetrate

perorar / to hold forth

perpetuar / to perpetuate

perseverar / to persevere

perseguir / to pursue

persistir / to persist

personalizar / to personalize

persuadir / to persuade

pertenecer / to belong, to pertain

pesar / to weight

pescar / to fish

pestaƱear / to blink

picar / to prick, to puncture, to pierce, to bounce (pelota -Argentina)

pilotear / to pilot

pintar / to paint

pisar / to step on, to mash (aplastar), to tread

platicar / to chat, to talk (used mainly in Mexico and Central America)

plagar / to infest, to plague

planchar / to iron

planear / to plan

plantar / to plant

plegar / to fold, to fold up

poder / to be able, can

poner / to put, to place

posar / to pose, to put, to lay down

poseer / to possess, to own

practicar / to practice

preciar / to appraise, to value

precipitar / to precipitate

predecir / to predict, to forecast, to foretell

predicar / to preach

predominar / to predominate

preferir / to prefer

preguntar / to ask, to inquire

preocupar / to worry

preparar / to prepare

preponderar / to preponderate, to predominate

presagiar / to presage

prescindir / to do without

prescribir / to prescribe

preseleccionar / to shorlist, to preselect

presentar / to present, to introduce (personas)

presentir / to have a feeling

preservar / to preserve

presionar / to pressure

prestar / to lend, to pay (atenciĆ³n)

presuponer / to presuppose

prevaler / to prevail

prevenir / to prevent

principiar / to begin, to commence

privar / to deprive

probar / to try, to test, to prove, to try on (ropa)

proceder / to proceed

procesar / to process

proclamar / to proclaim

procrear / to procreate

procurar / to procure

producir / to produce, to cause

profesionalizar / to professionalize

proferir / to utter, to say

profesar / to profess

profundizar / to deepen, to make deeper, to study in depth

programar /to program

prohibir / to prohibit, to forbid

prolongar / to prolong, to extend

prometer / to promise

pronunciar / to pronounce

propagar / to propagate, to spread

proponer / to put, to place

proporcionar / to provide, to furnish, to supply

proseguir / to continue, to proceed

protestar / to protest, to complaint

proteger / to protect

provocar / to provoke

proyectar / to project, to plan

publicar / to publish, to issue

pujar / to push (parto)

pulir / to polish

pulsar / to pulse, to throb

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