Traer Preterite Tense  

Spanish Grammar Preterite Tense Verb Traer - to bring

Traer preterite conjugation

Traer means to bring or to carry.
Traer is irregular in the preterite.

yo traje I brought
trajiste you brought
Ud./él/ella trajo you/he/she brought
nosotros/as trajimos we brought
vosotros/as trajisteis you all brought
Uds./ellos/ellas trajeron you all/they brought

Sentences using traer in the preterite tense

Yo traje los boletos.
      I brought the tickets.

¿Dónde nos trajiste?
      Where did you bring us?

¿Te trajo ella una muestra?
      Did she bring you a sample?

Nosotros no los trajimos.
      We didn't bring them.

Vosotros trajisteis refrescos.
      You guys brought soft drinks.

Los muchachos trajeron los boletos.
      The boys brought the tickets.

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