Tomar Preterite Tense  

Spanish Grammar Preterite Tense Verb Tomar - to take

Tomar preterite conjugation

Tomar means to take.
Tomar is regular in the preterite.

yo tomé I took
tomaste you took
Ud./él/ella tomó you/he/she took
nosotros/as tomamos we took
vosotros/as tomasteis you all took
Uds./ellos/ellas tomaron you all/they took

Sentences using tomar in the preterite tense

Yo tomé la medicina.
      I took the medicine.

¿Tomaste un taxi?
      Did you take a taxi?

La tomó ayer.
      He took it yesterday.

Tomamos el almuerzo en la cafetería.
      We took lunch in the cafeteria.

Tomasteis el autobús a la playa.
      You guys took the bus to the beach.

Las muchachas tomaron demasiado tiempo.
      The girls took too much time.

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