Preperar Preterite Tense  

Spanish Grammar Preterite Tense Verb Preparar - to prepare

Preparar preterite conjugation

Preparar means to prepare.
Preparar is regular in the preterite.

yo preparé I prepared
preparaste you prepared
Ud./él/ella preparó you/he/she prepared
nosotros/as preparamos we prepared
vosotros/as preparasteis you all prepared
Uds./ellos/ellas prepararon you all/they prepared

Sentences using preperar in the preterite tense

Me preparé para ganar.
      I prepared myself to win.

Preparaste la comida.
      You prepared the food.

El soldado preparó para luchar.
      The soldier prepared to fight.

Nosotros preparamos un vídeo.
      We prepared a video.

¿Preparasteis el almuerzo?
      Did you guys prepare the lunch?

Las mujeres prepararon programas de

     The women prepared training programs.

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