Using the Preterite and Imperfect Together  

Imperfect Tense Use of the Imperfect

We can use the preterite and imperfect together to talk about the past.

  • Use the imperfect to say what was going on or what was happening in the background.
  • Use the preterite when what was happening in the background was interrupted by another action.

In the following example, imperfect tense verbs are in ( ).

  • Mientras (hablaba) sono' la alarma contra incendios.
    While I was talking the fire alarm went off.
  • Baje' las escaleras y, al llegar a la calle, me di cuenta de que (hacĂ­a) mucho calor.
    I rushed down the stairs and, when I got to the street, I realized that it was very hot.
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