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Quiz 1

Translate to Spanish.

1. My uncle is as old as my dad.

2. I prefer you buy me that new car.

3. I doubt they understand you.

4. The leaves had fallen from the trees.

5. We will do it provided that you guys help us.

6. Why haven’t you (pl.) resolved these problems?

7. We are afraid she will lie to us.

8. Marta is younger than her brother.

9. They don't have the computer that translates into Spanish.

10. We are as sincere as you guys.

11. You always speak so that we understand you.

12. What has she told you?

13. Roberto is the most unique of all my friends.

14. We will have set the table before they arrive.

15. It is obvious that they don't know it.

16. I have as many friends as you do.

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Quiz 2
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