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1. Haven't you read the poem yet? I can't believe you haven't read it.

2. When we arrived, we realized they hadn't waited for us.

3. Has he returned her money? He will not have solved the problem by Thursday.

4. It is sad that they didn't have more time for their lecture.

5. I hope they are finished with the exam already.

6. He said he didn't know anyone who had been to his country.

7. I didn't want to take him to the airport before he had seen her.

8. They said you enjoyed yourself in Canada. If I were you, I'd go again.

9. I would have never finished it without her telling me how it was done.

10. He's always known there is a better system to achieve results.

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Popular Phrase: an inn spanish | Spanish Adverbs | Conjugated Verb: fosilizarse - fossilize [ click for full conjugation ]