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The Definite Article Quizzes - Definite Article
Quiz 1

Translate to Spanish.

1. One must buy this new product.

2. We have saved a lot of money.

3. Clearly the business is closed.

4. His car had broken down on the freeway.

5. Have you (pl) heard the gossip?

6. We will have taken the first step to make peace with them.

7. Why have you (fam.) gotten angry with us?

8. I will not have taken for granted their friendship.

9. They had slept like a log because they had spent the day at the beach.

10. My mother hasn’t seen me in six months.

11. She hadn’t been home yet when we saw her.

12. I wonder if they have found the car yet.

13. We will have printed the report by Tuesday.

14. Had you remembered to give her the CD?

15. He probably hasn’t had time to call us.

16. Where have you (pl.) been?

17. I will have read the story by Wednesday.

18. Luis isn’t in school today. I wonder what he did last night.

19. He probably went out with his friends and didn’t wake up this morning.

20. Do you suppose they stayed home today too?

21. I hope not. They will have a lot of homework to do if they don’t come to class.

22. I wonder if Marta saw them at the party.

23. She probably didn’t go because she had to study for a test.

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