The Three Little Pigs  



amenazar to threaten
brincar to jump
chanchito/cochinito/cerdito (m) little pig
clavar to nail (together), to pin, to stick
construir to build
derribar/tumbar to demolish, to knock down
espiar to spy
estar hambriento (m) to be starving
flojo (m) lazy (adj.), lazy person (noun)
fogata (f) fire (used to cook or heat)
ladrillo (m) brick
lobo (m) wolf
moraleja (f) moral (of a story)
olla (f) cooking pot
paja (f) straw
patada (f) kick
pelear to fight
soplar to blow
trabajador (m) hard worker, diligent

El primer cochinito construyó su casa de paja. The first little pig built his house out of straw.
El lobo sopló muy fuerte y derribó la casa. The wolf blew very strongly and knocked the house down.
Al fondo de la chimenea había una olla de agua hervida. At the bottom of the chimney there was a pot of boiling water.
Los cerditos tenían miedo de las amenazas del lobo. The little pigs were afraid of the wolf's threats.
Una casa de ladrillo dura más que una de paja. A house of brick lasts longer than a house of straw.
La moraleja del cuento es: ser flojo es un vicio. The moral of the story is: being lazy is a vice.
Ya que el lobo estaba hambriento quería comerse los cochinitos. Since the wolf was hungry he wanted to eat up the little pigs.
El lobo espiaba a los tres cochinitos. The wolf was spying on the three little pigs.
Si los tres cochinitos no se hubieran peleado, no se habrían separado. If the three little pigs hadn't fought with one another, they wouldn't have separated.
Si los cochinitos no se hubieran separado, el lobo no los habría perseguido. If the three little pigs hadn't separated, the wolf wouldn't have gone after them.

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