Subjunctive - Hypothetical Past  

Grammar Subjunctive Mood Hypothetical Past

In order to speak about a hypothetical past, that is, something that didn't occur but which might have occurred in the past, you will want to know how to express the idea, "I would have liked to..." There are several ways to say this in Spanish:

IOP(*)+ pluperfect subjunctive + gustado + haber + past participle

  • Me hubiera gustado haber crecido en el campo.
    I would have liked to have grown up in the country.

IOP + perfect conditional + gustado + infinitive

  • Me habría gustado vivir al lado del mar.
    I would have liked to live next to the sea.

IOP + gustaría + haber + past participle

  • Me gustaría haber crecido en una familia culturalmente mixta.
    I would like to have grown up in a culturally mixed family.

Another way to speak about a hypothetical past is to use the construction:

quisiera + haber + past participle

  • Quisiera haber crecido en el renacimiento.
    I wish I had grown up in the Renaissance.

(*) Indirect Object Pronoun

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