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There are many ways to say 'hello' and introduce yourself in Spanish. As with English, some expressions are best used in formal situations and others are more casual in tone. Can you distinguish between the formal and informal Spanish introductions below? Which Spanish introductions do you think are used by children and teens? Which Spanish introductions are used by adults and professionals?

¡Hola! - hi!

¿Cómo te va? - How's it going?

Encantado - Pleased to meet you (m)

Encantada - Pleased to meet you (f)

Mucho gusto - It's nice to meet you

¿Qué pasa? - What's up?

¿Qué tal? - How ya doing?

¿Cómo está? - How are you?

¿Cómo estás? - How are you?

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